CrossUI Framework (formerly known as jsLinb [ ] ) is a Cross-Browser JavaScript solution with cutting-edge functionality for App(Single Page Application) web application.
• Rich client-side API, works with any backend or static HTML pages.
• Web services(JSON/XML/SOAP) can be be directly bound.
• More than 100 components, including Tabs, Dialog, TreeGrid, SVG Shapes, Chart and many other web GUI components.
• Support reusable modules.
• Wide cross-browser compatibility, IE6+, firefox1.5+, opera9+, safari3+ and Google Chrome.
• Full API Documentation with tons of samples.
• Ever Increasing Code Snippets.
• Open Source under MIT; Free for both commercial and noncommercial use.
CrossUI RAD can reduce development time significantly.
Project Hosting on Github, you can get the latest code from it.
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